Blync Sensor Setup

After downloading Blync Companion App and creating your blync account, you will need to setup your blync sensors with your bicycle before use. Blync sensors consist of Blync Path Sensor which measures your bike turning motion and Blync Speed Sensor which measures your bike speed. Before installing your Blync sensors, you must first secure your bicycle on a bike trainer. There are different brands of bike trainers in the market. Currently, smart trainers are not fully supported. Ordinary trainers are supported which you can set what force you want to pedal with and you provide that detail during Blync account creation. Once you have your bike securely mounted on the trainer, then you are ready to connect the sensors.


Blync Path Sensor

Blync Path Sensor measures the turning direction of your bicycle and translates that to your virtual bike in the VR world. It needs to be placed under the front wheel of your bicycle. Blync path sensor can be powered in 2 different ways; using a micro USB cable or using 2 Lithium AA batteries (not included). Once powered, the Path Sensor LED light turns on indicating that it's ready to connect. If the path sensor stays idle for about 10 minutes without being connected to the VR, it will enter standby mode with the LED light going off. To get the Path Sensor to ready state, you need to push the reset button at the back. Always ensure that it is in ready state before starting Blync VR App. If using an android device to connect, make sure that the bluetooth is turned on.


Blync Speed Sensor

Blync Speed Sensor measures the speed of your bicycle and translates that to your virtual bike speed in the VR world. It needs to be strapped around your back wheel's hub with one of the provided bands. Blync Speed Sensor is powered by a 3V Lithium coin cell battery (CR2032: not included). The speed sensor operates in two modes; Speed mode and Cadence mode. When you insert the battery and close the casing, an LED light will come on. The color of the LED determines what mode it is operating on. If it flashes Red LED light, that means it is operating in speed mode. For your bicycle back wheel hub, it needs to be operating in speed mode before you strap it to the hub. If it flashed blue color (Cadence mode) instead of red, you'll need to remove and put back the batter to change it to speed mode.

Connecting to your VR device

Once you are done setting up your Blync sensors and creating your account using Blync Companion App, you are ready to start your VR APP. If you are using a PC enabled VR device (Steam VR / Oculus Rift), you should power your Blync Path Sensor through the USB port of your VR PC. Follow these steps to successfully run your Blync VR App;

  1. Push the reset button on Blync Path Sensor and make sure the Green LED light is on
  2. Get on your bike and put on your VR device and start Blync VR app
  3. When the VR app shows connecting to blync, pedal your bicycle to wake up Blync Speed sensor from standby mode
  4. Your Blync sensors should be connected to the VR app. You can stop pedalling and select menu items with your head tracker


Blync Path Sensor not connecting
  1. Make sure that the Path Sensor is properly powered by either USB or Battery (not both).
  2. Push the reset button to put it in ready state.
  3. Make sure that your VR device Bluetooth is turned on.
  4. If using PC, connect the Path sensor to your PC using a USB cable.
  5. Use a proper USB cable and connect directly to the PC USB (not USB hub)
  6. If using batteries to power the device, make sure to only use Lithium batteries
  7. Restart the VR app
  8. Check this blog post here
Blync Speed Sensor not connecting
  1. In your Blync Companion app settings menu, set the auto connect sensor to ON
  2. Reset the battery and make sure the mode is in speed mode (Red LED on)
  3. Replace the battery.
  4. Reset Blync Path Sensor
  5. Make sure you are using the original speed sensor that connected last time. If it's a different speed sensor, open Blync companion app and in your user settings, turn on Auto Connect Speed Sensor.