Some Blync devices find it difficult to connect over bluetooth to a standalone VR device like Oculus Quest or a mobile phone. This issue affects some of the Blync Path sensors with model number F500 (you can locate the model under the path sensor battery sticker). To verify if this affects your device, first power on the path sensor. Then with your smartphone, go to your bluetooth menu and scan for bluetooth devices. If you see BlyncPC instead of Blync, then the issue affects the device and can be fixed with the below simple and quick fix


1. Unscrew the path sensor from under


2. Inside is a simple cable assembly like the below image. Unplug the 5th cable on the left bank, counting from bottom as shown with the red arrow.


3. Cover back the board and screw it back. Unplugging the 5th cable will fix the mobile bluetooth connection. You can verify by scanning for bluetooth devices again with your mobile phone once you power the path sensor. You should see Blync as a listed bluetooth device. You can go ahead and run your Blync Game app on your device.