VR Devices for Blync

VR Devices for Blync

Blync supports different VR devices as well as running the app with your PC screen or mobile phone. The VR device hardware needs to have specs that will be capable of running the app at a high frame rate for the most comfortable experience. There are different VR devices available in the market. They can be broadly classified as PC-Powered VR devices, Standalone VR devices and Mobile VR devices. Each of them have their advantage and disadvantage while using them for Blync.

PC-Powered VR Devices

PC VR devices have the advantage that they use the unlimited power of your PC to run Blync app. This ensures that you have the best experience in Blync and that it will be capable of running high graphics content without any hiccup. The downside of using a PC powered VR device with Blync is that you need to have your setup close to your PC. Also while on your bike, your VR device will have a cable going to your PC, so you need to take care not to get caught by the cable while pedalling.

There are different PC VR headsets brands in the market. Refer to this video which is a comprehensive review of almost all of them to learn which one to get. (Note that the ones that will work for Blync are VR devices and not AR devices. Also not for a console like Playstation)

Standalone VR Devices

Standalone VR Devices as the name suggests do not require a PC to operate. This is more convenient while using with Blync as you can setup anywhere and don't have to worry about tripping cables. The only downside will be if there is a high graphics content or an environment that is not optimized properly, it will be sluggish and not be a good experience. We did optimize our release content to run properly on most standalone devices so this will not be an issue at the time of release. It could potentially be an issue for community designed environments that are not optimized. Also refer to the video above for a guide on the best to get. For now we support Android powered standalone devices.

Mobile VR devices

Mobile VR devices use your mobile phone to run the app. This is the cheapest hardware of the three. You only need to buy a VR box that you can insert your phone inside and run the app. This is not the best experience for using Blync. Most mobile phones already have different apps running in the background which fights for resources with the Blync app. This impedes the smooth running of Blync app and might cause the app to crash if the device does not have enough ram or CPU to continue running. Also, since they are not specifically made for VR, the angle of view while using it inside a VR box may not be wide enough and will not look good overall. We did provide a full screen switch mode for mobile devices. On the loading screen, you can switch to full screen mode which will enable you to ride with your phone without the VR box.

In conclusion, whichever VR device you want to buy, make sure that the hardware has enough RAM (at least 3G) and a good GPU with great screen. This video review did a good job to explain each of them and their advantages.