Joystick Support

Blync latest Game app now supports the use of VR joystick controller. For devices that do not come with a VR controller, the Game app supports the 'ReTrak Utopia 360° Universal Bluetooth Controller' or similar make of controllers.



The joystick controller opens up new ways to experience Blync and new activities that can be done in Blync. One of the most requested features is to be able to use Blync on Recumbent exercise bikes and have a way to still stir the direction of the virtual bike. With the joystick controller support, this can be achieved by using the joystick to stir the bike while pedalling the exercise bike. A new settings is introduced in the device settings for Joystick Mode.


There are 3 modes available; Recumbent, Fullscreen and VR modes. The different modes defines the primary functionality of the joystick.

Recumbent Mode: In Recumbent mode, the joystick functions primarily as the handlebar controller. Users that have recumbent exercise bike that offers no way to turn the handlebar should use this mode to stir their virtual bikes. Once this mode is selected, it automatically disables input from the Blync path sensor and only accepts stirring through the joystick controller.

Fullscreen Mode: The Fullscreen mode is targeted to people with a non-VR device, like computer screen or smartphone device. In fullscreen mode, the primary function of the joystick is to control the view of the player. This can be used to look around the environment instead of using the mouse or dragging the smartphone screen.

VR Mode: The VR mode is for users that are using a VR device and a normal bike. This mode does nothing as the primary function of the joystick.

The Chaze

Blync Game app also introduces a new Game that requires joystick called The Chaze. The Chaze is an endless biking game where the player is being chased by a toxic gas and zombies are moving around the road path. There are guns that can be picked up on the way and the joystick controller is required to control and shoot the gun.