Blync Hardware


Blync Hardware

Blync Hardware comprises of Blync Path Sensor and Blync Speed sensor. These two sensors together make it possible for you to cycle in virtual environment as if you were biking outdoors.

Blync Path Sensor measures the turning motion of your handlebar. It can be powered using a micro USB cable or 2 Lithium AA batteries (not Alkaline batteries). Due to some battery shipping regulations, batteries will not be included in the package. At the back of Blync Path Sensor features a reset button, an expansion port and an LED light. Once the device is powered on, the LED light comes on indicating that the sensor is ready to connect to a VR device. If after around 10 minutes without connection to a VR device, the sensor will go on standby mode with the light going off. The light will also go off after making a connection to a VR device. To put the device back in ready mode, push the reset button.

Blync Speed Sensor measures the speed you are pedalling your bike with. The sensor is powered with a coin cell battery (CR2032). The battery is also not included in the package. The speed sensor has 2 modes of operation; Speed mode and Cadence mode. To switch modes, you just remove the battery and place it back in. if the LED light on the Speed sensor flashes red, then it is in speed mode while if the light flashes blue, then it is in cadence mode. Using Blync Speed Sensor on your bicycle's back wheel requires that you set the sensor to speed mode.

To learn more on how to setup your bicycle and install the sensors, visit our setup page