Here are a few things you need to be aware of while using Blync to minimize difficulties and improve your Blync experience.


  • If using a PC powered VR, make sure to connect Blync to the same PC using a USB cable. (directly to the PC and not through hub)
  • Don't power Blync with batteries and USB cable at the same time
  • For standalone and mobile vr, the speed sensor usually takes a bit longer to connect
  • Refer to our troubleshooting guide if the sensors are not connecting

Setup & Cycling

  • Setup your bicycle on a rubber mat and with proper space around it
  • While cycling, start slow until you master the controls
  • Minimize frequent turning to reduce dizzines
  • There is a body check feature that automatically stops your virtual bike if it detects you are tilting your head while cycling. It can be turned off in the settings when you are comfortable with the controls
  • The path sensor comes with factory calibration data that tries to align your physical bicycle handlebar with your virtual bicycle. If this is not properly aligned, you can re-center it in the device settings (after tutorial scene)


  • There are 3 main activies: Games, Explore and Events
  • Games are played online with other users. We are launching with 2 games (Spedall and FunBike) to add more based on community feedback
  • Explore activity will have you exploring an environment alone. You can turn on the tour mode which will track your time to complete laps around the environment
  • Events can be games or explore activity and they are online with other users.
  • You can create an event (premium) from Blync Companion app and make it either public or private with invited users
  • After each bike session, you can view your bike statistics in Blync Companion app
  • Complete different milestones to unlock achievements in Blync Companion app and set the badge for your avatar.